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Thursday, April 18, 2024


Chat Commands

Command Description
!commands Puts a link in chat to this page
!tip Puts a link in chat to Khuintza’s StreamElements tipping page
!merch Puts a link in chat to Khuintza’s StreamElements merchandise page
!ban @ a user to ‘ban’ them in a fun way. Keeps a counter on how many times a user has been ‘banned’
!lurk Let Khuntza know you are watching but not chatting
!unlurk Let Khuntza know you are free to chat
!discord Puts a link in chat to Khuntza’s Discord
!website Puts a link in chat to Khuntza.net

Lumina Commands

Control Khuntza’s lighting

Command Description
!blackout Create a 15 second blackout
!flashbang Throw a flashbang at Khuntza
!police Red and blue flashing with siren
!nuke Tactical nuke drop

Clip Commands

Command Thumbnail Description
!doit Do it! Do it!
!captain I am the captain now
!warren My names not fucking Warren!
!sailboat You dumb bastard, that’s not a schooner
!barbie Tell me your secret dream, child
!bender Shutup Baby, I know it
!simps Well, if it isn’t the Simps
!gdr Breaking Bad – You’re god damned right!
!easy This game is so ESEY!
!blam BlaaaaaaAAAAAMMMM this piece of CRAP!
!eli I’m sorry, Eli
!barney You lucky dog, you!
!scotty Don’t tell Scotty
!bigtrouble Now you’re all in big trouble!
!kfc It’s a finger licking day
!pulpfiction Die you motherfucker, die!
!scienceguy That just makes no fucking sense, I mean its just bullshit
!years It’s been 84 years
!mj Stop it! Get some help
!ed Emotional Damage
!wizard You’re a wizard, Harry
!mypart   I’m doing my part
!surprise Surprise, surprise!
!willie   How was your chasis, Baby?
!allegedly South Park – Allegedly! That’s ignorant
!billy Billy Madison – You fallin in love with the wall?
!bobby Bobby, I’d like you to meet. Dr Hamilton
!getout Bobby – And I’d like you to get the fuck outta here!
!bish Booby – Get outta here you bitch!
!cry Hercules returns – (crying) Please bring him back
!hello Obi Wan Kenobi – Hello There!
!indy Indiana Jones – We are going to die!
!jerk Look what you did, you little jerk!
!johnny Nobody calls Joystick Johnny a coward!
!makebelieve Kazoo Kid – Its the land of make believe
!neverworks Rocky – That trick never works
!nosense South Park – That does not make sense!
!nosir No Sir, I don’t like it
!shitback Clone Wars – We’d like our shit back
!showme Show me what you got
!skeletor Skeletor – Just like a woman
!think Thinking overlay
!trap It’s a trap!

Sound Effects Commands

Command SFX Description
!bikes Bikes!
!pocket Hold my pocket!
!laugh Plays a random laugh track
!because Metal Gear Solid !
!alert Metal Gear Solid !
!buryme Sunset Riders – Bury me with my money
!clap Clapping
!drumroll Drumroll
!dumber Billy Madison – Dumber speech
!fart Plays a random fart sound effect
!flush Plays a random toilet flush sound effect
!gameover Aliens – Game over man, game over!
!haha Nelson Muntz – Ha ha!
!letsgo Lemmings – Let’s go!
!monsterkill Unreal Tournament – Monster Kill
!multikill Unreal Tournament – Multi-kill!
!nbajam Plays a random NBA JAM sound effect
!ohno Lemmings – Oh no!
!shanty Starfield shanty
!titanic My heart will go on
!toasty Mortal Kombat – Toasty! (With overlay)
!wilhelm The Wilhelm scream
!yipee Lemmings – Yipee!