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Wednesday, November 29, 2023


Chat Commands

Command Description
!commands Puts a link in chat to this page
!tip Puts a link in chat to Khuintza’s StreamElements tipping page
!merch Puts a link in chat to Khuintza’s StreamElements merchandise page
!ban @ a user to ‘ban’ them in a fun way. Keeps a counter on how many times a user has been ‘banned’
!lurk Let Khuntza know you are watching but not chatting
!unlurk Let Khuntza know you are free to chat
!discord Puts a link in chat to Khuntza’s Discord
!website Puts a link in chat to Khuntza.net

Clip Commands

Command Thumbnail Description
!willie   How was your chasis, Baby?
!allegedly South Park – Allegedly! That’s ignorant
!billy Billy Madison – You fallin in love with the wall?
!bobby Bobby, I’d like you to meet. Dr Hamilton
!getout Bobby – And I’d like you to get the fuck outta here!
!bish Booby – Get outta here you bitch!
!cry Hercules returns – (crying) Please bring him back
!hello Obi Wan Kenobi – Hello There!
!indy Indiana Jones – We are going to die!
!jerk Look what you did, you little jerk!
!johnny Nobody calls Joystick Johnny a coward!
!makebelieve Kazoo Kid – Its the land of make believe
!neverworks Rocky – That trick never works
!speech South Park – That does not make sense!
!nosir No Sir, I don’t like it
!prawns Hercules Resturns – Fuckin’ prawns
!thoseprawns Hercules Resturns – Those fuckin’ prawns
!shitback Clone Wars – We’d like our shit back
!showme Show me what you got
!skeletor Skeletor – Just like a woman
!speech Astroid City Speech
!think Thinking overlay
!trap It’s a trap!

Sound Effects Commands

Command SFX Description
!alert Metal Gear Solid !
!buryme Sunset Riders – Bury me with my money
!clap Clapping
!drumroll Drumroll
!dumber Billy Madison – Dumber speech
!fart Plays a random fart sound effect
!flush Plays a random toilet flush sound effect
!gameover Aliens – Game over man, game over!
!haha Nelson Muntz – Ha ha!
!letsgo Lemmings – Let’s go!
!monsterkill Unreal Tournament – Monster Kill
!multikill Unreal Tournament – Multi-kill!
!nbajam Plays a random NBA JAM sound effect
!ohno Lemmings – Oh no!
!shanty Starfield shanty
!toasty Mortal Kombat – Toasty! (With overlay)
!wilhelm The Wilhelm scream
!yipee Lemmings – Yipee!