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Team Fortress 2 Mirrored Maps - pl_drawpu

Mirrored version of VALVe Softwares payload masterpiece, Upward.

pl_drawpu is currently availble as an early taste of what might be the start of a third series of Mirrored Maps.


Now available on the Steam Workshop

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Team Fortress 2 Mirrored Maps - Series 2

Mirrored versions of VALVe Softwares 2Fort, Badlands and Granary maps for Team Fortress 2.

Following the same principal of the first series of Mirrored Maps, Series two again offers extended replayability to popular maps from Valve Softwares Team Fortress 2.

Series 2 of Mirrored Maps involved the mirroring of models to even more accurately recreate the environments to their originals.


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Team Fortress 2 Mirrored Maps - Ozfortress Special Edition

Mirrored versions of VALVe Softwares Badlands, Granary and Gravelpit maps for Team Fortress 2.

The second interation of TF2 Mirrored Maps, the Ozfortress Competitive Map Pack was created for use by the Ozfortress competitive community to provide varietey without compromising quality by mirroring the three most frequently played maps used in competitive Team Fortress 2.

The maps included in this pack all make use of a custom branded Ozfortress cap point disc and holograms, which can be downloaded here.

Visit Ozfortress - Australian Team Fortress at


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Team Fortress 2 Mirrored Maps - Series 1

Mirrored versions of VALVe Softwares Dustbowl, Gravelpit and Badwater Basin maps for Team Fortress 2.

The Concept: To take popular VALVe made maps from Team Fortress 2 and mirror them as acurately as possible to their originals. Right becomes left, left becomes right, giving maps that all TF2 players know like the backs of their hands a fresh take.

The Result: You'll find yourself having to rethink every turn in a map that that you haven't found yourself lost in for up to 3 years.. It can really mess with your head while you adjust.



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Artpass Khuntza - Capture Point

Artpass contest entry, artpass_khuntza

Contest entry for the /Valve Art Pass Contest. Entrants were tasked to take an unfinished Valve made map and give it a theme, detail it, and optimise it to a point where the map would be ready to officially include in the Team Fortress 2 game.

An Australian Outback theme was chosen as a lot if the existing TF2 assets fit the theme along with Australian references often appearing in TF2 mythology.

Featuring a traditional Australian homestead as Blu spawn, an Australium mine as the final point, and the iconic Uluru; Artpass_Khuntza is instantly recognisable as an Australian landscape.

Contains custom materials and sinage by myself. Additional sinage by 'Dr.Crowie'.

artpass_khuntza 1 artpass_khuntza 2 artpass_khuntza 3 artpass_khuntza 4

Download - 39mb

Takeback Mountain - Capture Point

Takeback Mountain

RED have captured and overtaken BLU's secret mountain base.. and now they want it back!

Takeback Mountain is an alpine themed A <> B = C map of the cp_gravelpit style of play for Valve Softwares Team Fortress 2. Takeback Mountain was developed as a entry for the OzFortress 'So You Think You Can Map' contest.

Original layout created by myself, features custom sinage created by Son of Dad.

cp_takeback_mountain 1 cp_takeback_mountain 2 cp_takeback_mountain 3 cp_takeback_mountain 4

Download - 19mb